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New tech highlighted in Manure Science Review

July 9, 2013  by  David Manly

Jul. 9, 2013 – Ohio State University’s 2013 Manure Science Review, an educational program for farmers, livestock managers, certified crop advisers, professional engineers and others, will be taking place on Aug. 6 in Bucyrus, Ohio at Hord Livestock Farms from 8:50 a.m. o 3 p.m. The program features talks and field demonstrations on applying and managing manure, improving soil and crop yields, and protecting water quality.

The highlights will include the first ever demonstration in Ohio of the new “Subsurfer” applicator, which injects poultry litter and other solid manures into the soil without disturbing ground cover, as well as the new Nitrogen Potential Assessment Test for corn, which enables more accurate nutrient application while being unaffected by soil temperature and moisture. READ MORE


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