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New site dumper from Mecalac

January 31, 2020  by Manure Manager

Mecalac, designer, manufacturer and distributor of compact construction equipment for urban environments, has introduced the TA3SH Power Swivel site dumper, designed for increased versatility and safety on jobsites. The site dumper is part of the TA3 range, which is intended for small to medium jobsites and, in particular, crowded or confined areas.

Like all Power Swivel site dumpers from Mecalac, the TA3SH is designed for versatility and performance, especially on confined jobsites, such as housing developments or landscaping projects. The TA3SH is 13 feet (3.95 meters) long and 6 ft 1 in (4.41 m) wide. The Power Swivel technology features forward and swivel tipping mechanisms, allowing the load to rotate 90 degrees on either side before being tipped. This reduces the need to move equipment and enhances productivity.

The TA3SH’s payload capacity is 6,613 lb. (3,000 kg), making it ideal for industries such as concrete, landscaping and urban construction. It also features a heavy-duty locking device, a safety feature that keeps the skip facing forward while on the move.


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