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New California biogas project now operational

November 6, 2020  by Manure Manager

In late October, Aemetis Inc. announced the first two dairies in their 17-dairy digester biogas project have begun producing biogas. The below-zero carbon intensity gas is being utilized for the production of fuel ethanol at the Aemetis Advanced Fuels Keyes facility in Keyes, CA.

The California-based industrial biotechnology company began building the digesters just over a year ago. In December 2020, Aemetis plans to begin construction of a gas upgrading system that will convert dairy biogas to renewable natural gas. During 2021, the company plans to continue development of the next fifteen dairy digesters and related pipeline in the 17-dairy digester RNG cluster located near the Aemetis Keyes plant.

Erin McAfee, Aemetis chairman and CEO, notes the value these projects provide to local dairies by creating a new revenue stream, while also helping to meet California’s new stringent requirements for reduced methane emissions from dairies.



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