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National dairy event coming to Canada February 2013

July 18, 2012  by Manure Manager

The Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX), a new large-scale dairy event and a first for Canada, will mix dairy agribusiness, breed associations, and the research community under one huge roof with dairy producers and global industry stakeholders.

In addition to hundreds of dairy product and service providers in the trade show halls, the event will feature a world-class speaker program, a live milking robot showdown, a working cow showcase, and an evening networking social. All will take place in the new Stratford Rotary Complex located in Stratford, Ont.

Perth and surrounding counties make up one of the most important dairy regions in Canada. Within an hour’s drive of Stratford there are almost 3,000 medium- to large-scale dairy operations and that number is growing.

Major industry partners have already signed on with CDX. EastGen, a partner in the Semex Global Alliance, is one of several genetic companies that will showcase their best dairy daughters from across Canada live at CDX.


Other founding partners that have made three-year commitments to the project include Jaylor, Grand Valley Fortifiers and POST Farm Structures.

In addition, CDX is in the process of assembling a steering committee comprising progressive producers and CDX founding partners. This committee will give CDX management input and direction on all facets to ensure continuous improvement and national growth of the project.  

Get updates at as momentum builds for the inaugural Canadian Dairy XPO, Feb. 6 and 7, 2013.


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