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Moving forward with manure application in less than ideal conditions

February 5, 2019  by Lancaster Farming

Weather impacts both manure application and loss of nutrients on crop utilization.

Weather has certainly provided challenges this past year that have influenced manure application. Wet soils, delayed harvests and rainy days all suspended manure applications through late summer and fall.

The storage capacity for both liquid and solid manure may soon force producers to consider manure application during high-risk winter conditions.

No matter what type of manure or nutrient management plan a farm has, there are some principles that should be considered.


An overriding philosophy should be to place manure nutrients where you want them and where they will stay. Nutrients that move are an economic loss and an environmental liability.

There are a lot of unknown weather events between application in the winter or spring and crop uptake. Ultimately this philosophy strikes a balance between crop production and environmental stewardship, and is positive for economic, agronomic and conservation goals. | For the full story, CLICK HERE


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