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More than 100 farmer veterans receive equipment

May 6, 2021  by  Bree Rody

More than 100 farmer veterans will be the lucky recipients of equipment thanks to a grant from the Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund, as part of the Farmer Veteran Coalition program. The grant supports veterans in their early years of farming and ranching.

The Farmer Veteran Coalition directly purchases pieces of equipment that the farmer has identified as critical to their operations. The program has been ongoing for 11 years and helped more than 700 farmers with $3.5 million worth of equipment distributed. This class of recipients include representation in nearly 40 states and territories, including Guam. Of the more-than-100 recipients, 47 are female, which is double the percentages of female recipients compared to previous years. More than half of the veterans are from the U.S. Army, followed by 18 percent from the Marines, 17 percent Air Force, 11 percent Navy and two percent Coast Guard.

Equipment will be delivered to farms throughout the spring and early summer. Supplies include greenhouses and grow tents, walk-in coolers and cold storage units, milking systems, water filtrations and honey extractors.



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