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MDA extends manure application deadline to Nov. 30

November 13, 2015  by Maryland Department of Agriculture

November 13, 2015, Annapolis, MD – Due to a late harvest combined with favorable soil conditions, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has extended the deadline for the fall application of organic waste on dairy farms and other livestock operations from November 15 to November 30.

After this date, farmers will not be able to spread manure on their fields until March 1. The extension does not apply to poultry farmers.

“Spring planting was delayed in many areas of the state due to below average temperatures,” said Maryland Agriculture Secretary Joe Bartenfelder. “This resulted in a late harvest for many fall crops.

“By all indications, the warm fall weather will continue for the next several weeks, providing a favorable environment for farmers to empty their waste storage systems in preparation for the winter ban on spreading manure. Our goal in extending the fall deadline is to reduce the number of farms that will inevitably exceed their manure storage capacity by late winter and need to request emergency spreading on frozen or snow covered ground.”

Maryland’s Nutrient Management Regulations allow livestock (non-poultry) farmers to apply manure to fields in fall on either an existing crop or a crop that will be planted later in the fall or next spring. Certain requirements apply. Farmers should review their Nutrient Management Plan, talk to their nutrient management consultant, or contact the nutrient management specialist serving their county.

For more information, contact the Nutrient Management Program at 410-841-5959 or


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