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MD phosphorus rule could cost $22–$52 million to implement

November 11, 2014  by Chesapeake Bay Journal

November 11, 2014, Baltimore, MD – A long-awaited study on the economic cost of new regulations on manure from Maryland’s Eastern Shore farms estimates that reducing pollution from poultry operations would cost between $21.3 million and $52.5 million.

The study examined three scenarios for implementing the phosphorus management tool, which would limit the use of manure on cropland already saturated with phosphorus where runoff potential is high.

The first scenario involves Maryland farmers reducing the phosphorus they put on their fields over the course of two years and was the most expensive option, at a range of $50.6 million to $52.5 million. The second scenario allows farmers to reduce phosphorus over three years, and would cost between $29.7 million and $30.7 million. The third scenario would phase in the regulations over six years and would cost between $21.3 million and $23.7 million. READ MORE



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