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MD biogas project will digest manure, food waste

May 23, 2012  by Biomass Magazine

May 17, 2012 – An anaerobic digestion (AD) project planned for a dairy farm in Massey, Md., will convert dairy manure and local food waste substrates into renewable compressed natural gas.

Through an agreement between Homeland Biogas Energy, a subsidiary of Homeland Renewable Energy, and the Jones Family Farm, a dairy and farming operation in Massey, Homeland Biogas Energy will design, build and operate the 700 million-Btu-per-day project. The above-ground complete mix digester will help manage manure from the 2,000-cow dairy farm, allowing portions of the liquid digestate effluent to be used as fertilizer and the solid digestate effluent to be sold in the region as a soil amendment. Homeland Biogas Energy intends to sell the renewable compressed natural gas (RCNG) for use in transport trucks throughout the region. READ MORE


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