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Manure spill in Keokuk County, IA

November 14, 2014  by Press release

November 14, 2014, Harper, IA – An estimated 1,800 gallons of manure was spilled near Harper, Keokuk County.

The spill was attributed to a tractor operator not properly shutting down the hydraulics after pumping manure, resulting in the pit pump starting up again when the operator was away from it. A portion of the spill ran into a tile line that led to an unnamed creek that is a tributary of Clear Creek, which is a tributary of the Skunk River.

The unnamed creek was dammed downstream of the manure spill and water was pumped from the creek. The facility also blocked the tile inlet to prevent further manure from going down the tile line inlet.

The DNR investigated and took water samples from the unnamed creek. Field tests at two downstream locations revealed high ammonia in the creek, one location was upstream of the dam and the other downstream. The property owner was directed to pump those locations and field apply the water.

The DNR will continue to monitor the cleanup and will consider appropriate enforcement action.


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