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Manure Mondays: Impact of manure management decisions on GHG emissions

February 6, 2023  by  Bree Rody

Manure Mondays, an education initiative by OMAFRA, has returned to device screens near you.

Every Monday this winter, professionals from OMAFRA and their contacts have gathered online to share even more insights in the field of manure. As OMAFRA field crops specialist Christine Brown said, many manure issues are geographically agnostic, and thus, despite being an Ontario initiative, Manure Mondays education sessions are applicable to most audiences.

On Jan. 30, Manure Mondays 2023 kicked off with a presentation on how Manure Management decisions affect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. OMAFRA’s James Dyck outlined the issue at hand.

“When we’re applying manures [to our soils], that’s putting a lot of nitrogen into our soil, which is great, we want that to grow our crops, but unfortunately, some of that nitrogen escapes back into the atmosphere as nitrous oxide,” said Dyck, who added that there are “a lot of different relationships” between the various sources of greenhouse gases on the farm. “That’s one of the things we’re trying to manage here.”


You can register for the remaining Manure Mondays sessions here.


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