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Manure Mondays: Closing the loop on value added from manure

March 14, 2023  by  Bree Rody

Federal environmental programs have drastically overestimated the poultry industry’s contributions to water pollution

Manure Mondays, an education initiative by OMAFRA, has returned to device screens near you.

Every Monday this winter, professionals from OMAFRA and their contacts have gathered online to share even more insights in the field of manure. As OMAFRA field crops specialist Christine Brown said, many manure issues are geographically agnostic, and thus, despite being an Ontario initiative, Manure Mondays education sessions are applicable to most audiences.

On Feb. 27, the initiative continued with a talk from Vince Herbruck, manager of poultry systems for Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch. Herbruck provided a visual overview of how the company’s technology and innovation are utilized in the layer poultry barns at several locations across Michigan and Pennsylvania to convert fresh poultry litter to a dried-pelleted fertilizer in four days.



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