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Manure Expo: Learning first-hand

June 7, 2018  by Manure Manager magazine

In-field, hands-on learning environments offer the ability to engage and learn in a way that cannot be readily duplicated in a classroom setting.

This is why the 2018 North American Manure Expo – being held August 15 and 16 in Brookings, South Dakota – wants to offer attendees a chance to get out of the classroom into some dirt with three on-farm demonstration tours.

On Wednesday, August 15, three local operations from differing sectors will open their farm gates to Expo attendees. Tours include:

Tour 1: Mooving manure on dairies
This tour will take attendees to a local dairy operation to see first-hand how manure separation, aeration and irrigation are working together. Learn about the design, implementation, management and experiences of mooving manure.


Tour 2: Beefing up the system
This tour will visit a local farm that raises beef cattle and manages manure in open lots, bedded pack barns and deep pit systems. The tour will also showcase the South Dakota State University Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility, which showcases research and manure management for both pasture and confinement systems.

Tour #3 – A look inside swine systems
This tour will take participants inside swine barns to see how manure storages are designed and managed, and the pig environment. The tour includes a swine barn under construction. At the South Dakota State University Swine Education and Research Facility, a viewing hallway allows tour participants to see inside the gestation barn and view stall and pen gestation and farrowing in action.

Tours cost $20 to attend and include transportation to and from the Swiftel Centre in Brookings, as well as a box lunch. Preregistration is required.

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