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Manitoba pork producers urged to express support for Bill 24

October 18, 2017  by Farmscape

October 18, 2017, Winnipeg, Man – Manitoba Pork is encouraging its members to voice their support the provincial government’s “Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act” during public hearings planned for next week.

Public hearings into Bill 24, the Manitoba Government’s Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act, are scheduled for October 25 and 26 at the Manitoba Legislature and Manitoba Pork is calling on pork producers to take the opportunity to participate and tell their personal stories.

George Matheson, the chair of Manitoba Pork, says key changes of interest to pork producers under the bill include the elimination of the requirements for anaerobic digesters and changes to the farm building code, which will have no impact on safeguards to protect the environment or farm safety.

“The reality is that an anaerobic digester did nothing to lessen the phosphates that would be spread on the farmers fields so an anaerobic digester did not solve that so called problem at all,” he said. “Manure will still only allowed to be spread during warmer weather before frost hits the ground roughly speaking, no spreading between November 10 through to April 10.”


“Hog manure, to reduce odor and runoff, will have to be injected or immediately cultivated in. Farms of over 300 animal units, which would be most, will have to file manure management plans.”

“Manure cannot be spread close to runoff areas, there will have to be buffers,” Matheson says. “Things such as this will still be in place so the environment will not be affected adversely at all.”

He stresses, if the bill is passed, Manitoba pork producers will still be subject to the toughest environmental regulations anywhere.

Matheson encourages anyone interested in presenting to contact Manitoba Pork for information and assistance.


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