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Manitoba imposes nutrient spreading restrictions

November 18, 2019  by Pembina Valley Online

Restrictions on nutrient applications in Manitoba are now in effect. Farmers who wish to apply for a variance can contact the province to discuss their specific situation.

“Livestock producers can apply for a variance to spread manure when they see that they are potentially going to have issues in the fall with too much manure to be stored or other instances,” Anastasia Kubinec, manager of crop industry development with Manitoba Agriculture, said.

Formal variance requests must be submitted in writing through an agrologist or certified crop adviser and signed by the producer.

Other responsibilities tasked to the farmer include providing livestock operation information, the legal location of the proposed spread field(s), proposed volume and rate of manure to be applied, proposed application dates, soil nutrient levels, and the description of risk mitigation measures in place to mitigate manure escape.


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