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MagneGas achieves manure sterilization at IN farm

January 16, 2015  by Press release

January 16, 2015, Tampa, FL – MagneGas Corporation recently announced that it has completed initial testing of its Venturi sterilization system, which has been deployed to a major hog farm in Indiana.

The testing showed that the MagneGas system achieved full sterilization of manures.

The testing occurred over the course of several weeks with several thousand gallons of manure processed through the MagneGas system. An independent laboratory provided results under various parameters and the results showed that the MagneGas system achieved full sterilization of e-coli and fecal coliform. These were the specific bacteria requested by the farm to be tested during the process and these results will allow the collaboration on the project to continue. The next phase will include additional advanced testing, under higher liquid volumes and different operating conditions. The company intends to work in collaboration with the farm during the coming months to optimize the final MagneGas system that will meet the commercial requirements for deployment.  

“I am pleased with these initial test results. MagneGas was confident that full sterilization would be achieved,” said Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas. “We are currently working together with the farm through the next phase of advanced testing, product development and necessary modification. We look forward to collaborating with this influential stakeholder in the agricultural industry in the coming months as the final system is developed.”



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