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LWR system being installed in NY

January 15, 2016  by Press release

January 15, 2015, Lowville, NY – A 7,500 cow dairy operating in the Middle Black River watershed on the edge of the Adirondacks, is the latest to install the Livestock Water Recycling (LWR) manure treatment system, replacing its existing centrifuge system.

Marks Farms, once a small, family owned and operated dairy with 250 Holsteins, has grown to be one of the largest, most progressive, self-contained dairy enterprises in the state of New York, and has a major economic impact in Lewis County.

“Our success is attributed to a mix of sound business practices, applied science and technology and proactive planning, but we are still a closely held family business,“ says David Peck, managing partner of Marks Farms. “We firmly believe that our successes will continue as long as we strive to always act responsibly. Our goal is to maintain our family atmosphere while staying focused on animal health and wellbeing.”

Ross Thurston, LWR president, says that the LWR system will allow Marks Farms to achieve their goals, while protecting the Middle Black River Watershed.


Marks Farms is a great example of how progress can be achieved while maintaining committed to protecting the environment,” he says. “They will now have the ability to reduce their manure footprint while continuing to protect their community from nutrient runoff.”

“Water treatment and wetlands development has always been part of our business plan, and the LWR system will help us achieve those goals faster,” adds Peck.

With the LWR system, Marks Farms will be able to recover 62 million gallons of water annually from dairy manure on the farm while concentrating valuable nutrients for fertilizer. The recycled water will be used to clean sand bedding and maintain the overall cleanliness of the dairy.

Marks Farms will be the first site with an LWR system to install the automated flushing bag filter system. With its high flow capacity and high solids loading, this bag filter system won’t require any filter disposal, making it better for the environment.

The system is scheduled for installation February 2016.


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