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Livestock Water Recycling receives 3M enviro award

November 18, 2014  by Press release

November 18, 2014, Calgary, Alta – Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. recently announced that company president Ross Thurston has been named as the 2014 recipient of the 3M Environmental Innovation Award.

The 3M Environmental Innovation Award was established in 2009 by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society and 3M Canada to recognize outstanding individuals whose innovative contributions to environmental change benefit Canada and Canadians. The award seeks to celebrate individuals involved in initiatives that provide innovative solutions that protect, restore or preserve the environment.  

Under Thurston’s leadership, Livestock Water Recycling, Inc. designs and manufactures treatment systems for the livestock industry that recycle clean, potable water from manure, while segregating and concentrating valuable fertilizer nutrients.

“Worldwide, agriculture accounts for 70 per cent of all water consumption,” said Gavin Fitch, chair of the 3M Environmental Innovation Award committee and vice president of the RCGS’s board of governors. “Thurston’s system can dramatically reduce fresh water withdrawals on hog and dairy farms by 40 per cent. At a time when drought is becoming an increasing threat to our planet, this is the kind of ingenuity that deserves the recognition the 3M award will bring.”


“This award means a lot to me personally, and is a real honour for our entire team,” said Thurston. “I have the pleasure of working with a small group of creative, educated, and dedicated individuals who have a passion for the environment and a desire to help farmers with the incredible task of feeding the world. With a background in wastewater treatment, we felt that we could have a big impact on the livestock industry, and ultimately the sustainability of livestock farming. Everyone needs food, everyone needs water, and everyone deserves to live in a clean environment.”

LWR is currently focused on installing systems in and around the Great Lakes region. By capturing 100 per cent of the phosphorous and stabilizing the nutrient fertilizer, farms can eliminate the run-off that causes ground water contamination that can lead to algae blooms.

The RCGS awards ceremony takes place November 19th at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, Ont.


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