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Liquid manure and dry fields can cause problems

July 25, 2012  by  David Manly

Jul. 25, 2012 – With a large drought starving the U.S. and Canada of rain, everyone who uses manure needs to be extra careful when applying the liquid product to bone-dry fields.

According to Ag Professional, the dry soils can create a pathway direct to drainage source and potentially contaminate them. The best way to prevent this from occurring is by tilling the fields.

“Any measure of disturbing the soil will aid in keeping manure nutrients in the root zone,” writes authors Amanda Meddles and Glen Arnold of Ohio State University. “This can be tillage equipment that works the ground 3 to 5 inches deep prior to application, or injection equipment that disturbs the soil below the line of manure injection.”

For more information and details on adding manure to dry soil, please visit Ag Professional.



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