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Lagoon Agitation and Aeration

April 11, 2008  by Innovations

While Manure Manager editors make every effort to be objective when reporting on new products, they cannot be held responsible for claims made by companies. Readers are encouraged to contact the companies for more details.

Pro-Act Microbial


Pro-Act Microbial provides biotech waste treatment systems with a patented surface air diffuser as a key component. The goal of the company’s energy-efficient diffuser is to oxygenate the surface layer of the lagoon, which creates an odor cap. But Pro-Act’s system goes even further by including naturally occurring microbes and growth factors that help the farm manage the manure and its nutrients. From there, the farm also has options to expand the system to enhance nutrient management and/or collect and use biogas.

A healthy waste lagoon or wastewater storage tank will naturally stratify in layers, with the bottom layer remaining anaerobic (without oxygen). Pro-Act’s patented surface air diffuser is the only one on the market that can retain the stratified layers. The company’s diffuser adds fine bubbles of oxygen only to the top layer without causing the layers to mix. In doing so, Pro-Act’s system allows the anaerobic microbial waste treatment to proceed while adding an odor cap to minimize odors commonly associated with anaerobic treatment. What’s more, the solids at the bottom of a treated lagoon are much looser, requiring little or no agitation when pumping. This saves customers time, money and general wear and tear on their equipment.


With Pro-Act, the farm is left with less odor, less solids requiring less agitation, and easily manageable nutrients that are stratified into accessible layers for use on growing crops. In fact, the nutrient value is improved over that of untreated manure. Pro-Act’s customers find they no longer need to purchase as much chemical fertilizer.


In ponds and lagoons, manure managers rely on Crisafulli trailer-mounted Slurry Pump to agitate, mix and pump viscous, solidified manure sludge. Crisafulli’s high capacity pumps effectively slurry and clean ponds as large as 200ft by 200ft by 8.0ft in as little as six to eight hours.

Using this powerful agitation tool is easy. Back your trailer pump into the lagoon and engage your tractor’s PTO or connect your power unit. The hydraulic axle lowers the pump through the solids to the bottom. Open the slurry gate to agitate and mix, drawing solids and liquids in, blending and injecting through the gate into unmixed material. The pump will draw, agitate and blend even heavily crusted ponds, mixing from top to bottom. Close the slurry gate to pump the slurry away at high volume.

Agitate, mix and pump – Crisafulli’s Slurry Pump does it all. The pumps are available with discharge sizes of 4.0in to 16in. Other Crisafulli solutions for manure mixing and pumping include floating pumps for lagoons and vertical pumps for stationary installation in sumps.


The new Jamesway commercial series family of lagoon pumps, the Ultra-Pump, is designed for the heavy demand of large farms and custom operators. The commercial series pumps are built to order – just the way customers want. Choose a 32ft, 42ft or 50ft base and then pick the pump kit (impeller and prop for 160hp, Impeller-only for 120hp or for 225hp) and wheel kit (standard, heavy-duty or over-wall kit).

The discharge choices include bipod loading pipe or loading cart, but the new Power-Boom discharge option offers clean and fast set up and high speed filling with less foam. Custom operators may choose the over-wall wheel kit and Power Boom so they are ready for anything. Larger farms may want the powerful 8000 Impeller for big lagoons or the 5000 Prop Impeller to chop up tough bedding. There are more than 100 ways to build an Ultra-Pump and Jamesway lets the customer get what they want.


Husky Farm Equipment
The Husky PL490 lagoon liquid manure pump is a wall walking lagoon and pit pump featuring walking legs for a 14ft straight wall pit. Standard legs are also available and stabilizers are adjustable to 12ft and come standard. The PL490 can handle a pump volume of 7000 GPM to 10,000 GPM and a maximum pit depth of 14ft. The discharge pipe is 20ft long and 8.0in or 10in pipe sizes are available.

The pump features an adjustable height (40in to 72in) agitator with 300 degree swivel; a high-efficiency, 18in, four-blade impeller, and a shear protected PTO shaft. Valve controls are hydraulic and the tandem-axle trailer can be tilted using hydraulic cylinders. An optional discharge pipe cart is also available.


DeLaval International expanded its manure system equipment line in 2007. Part of that expansion included the introduction of the TP65 and TP65H lagoon pumps. These pumps enable users to agitate liquid manure in any vertical or sloped wall manure storage pit quickly, at up to 5000gal (19,000L) per minute. The TP65 is trailer mounted, providing stability for working sloped wall storage pits. Adjustable twin stabilizer legs and wide stance tires counterbalance the sideways thrust of the agitation nozzle.

The TP65H is a tractor pump with a three-point hitch. Its short length – 18ft to 25ft (5.5m to 7.5m) – makes it easy to maneuver. Hydraulic controls are available for the horizontal and vertical nozzle movement, the agitate/fill valve and to maneuver the TP65 trailer, making the equipment easy to operate from the tractor seat. A unique double-jointed drive shaft provides maximum performance at pumping angles up to 60-degrees.


The lagoon Agi-Pompe is available in 32ft, 42ft, 52ft and 72ft lengths. The pump rapidly homogenizes liquid manure and can be outfitted with an abrasion resistant pump housing and bottom plate to accommodate manure containing sand. It is available as a 540rpm or 1000rpm and features:

  • undercarriage with flotation tires,
  • heavy-duty driveline with #55 PTO available on all models,
  • 8.0in discharge with directional valve and loading pipe available for faster loading,
  • high velocity nozzle with double hinged articulation,
  • 25ft aluminum loading pipe on a tripod,
  • solenoid valves available to operate two functions per tractor hydraulic port, and
  • optional side articulated stabilizer wheels are available.


Air Diffusion Systems
The ADS fine bubble aeration system duplicates the action of a river, providing circulation of the liquid in the same way as a natural stream. The diffuser tubing is composed of a low density, polyethylene. An encapsulated wire keel is located at the bottom of the tubing to keep it in an upright position and provide the necessary ballast to keep the tubing submerged at full airflow. Surgically produced air cuts are located on the top and both sides of the tubing at a spacing of 38mm to 610mm or 1.5in to 24in. These air cuts provide the bubble action plus work as a check valve to prevent the entry of foreign material to the inside of the tubing. The diffusers emit a uniform air pattern even if the lagoon bottom is not perfectly level, due to sludge accumulation or slope.

ADS also produces an Aeration Disk Module for intense aeration requirements. Each Disk Module (1.2m or 4.0ft diameter) comes with 30m of aeration tubing on a stainless steel frame. Unique features include:

  • Certified standard oxygen transfer efficiency rate of 10 percent per meter of clean water in accordance with ASCE testing procedures.
  • Outstanding mixing rate of 1068m3/d per meter of single cut and 3204m3/d per meter of triple cut tubing at 3.0 meters WD.
  • Minimum air cut pressure drop of 2.0psi ensures uniform air flow.
  • Virgin polyethylene resins with two percent carbon to prevent sunlight UV degradation provides outstanding longevity.

For many livestock operations, manure has become a valuable resource when used as a fertilizer in the field. Turning that manure into fertilizer via liquid composting is a common practice in many operations. Without proper aeration and circulation, liquid composting practices produce excessive odors without thoroughly liquefying the manure.

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The Centirator III can help producers improve the quality and usability of manure as a fertilizer and assist with odors. The Centirator III is a specially designed down-draft type aeration unit. Its 5.0hp, three phase motor mechanically mixes and aerates the manure in lagoons, promoting aerobic decomposition of the waste. The Centirator III’s unique impeller design thoroughly mixes the manure, raising the pH into the alkaline range and reducing the viscosity so the resulting fertilizer is easier to pump for spreading.


Dagaz Environmental
The Little River Pond Mill Enviro 210 series circulator is a four legged, four pontoon, electrically powered machine that helps to stimulate microbial growth in liquid manure and wastewater systems. The circulation provides an environment that enhances the rate and the efficiency at which the microbial populations in the lagoon work. Circulators can be used to promote anaerobic or aerobic digestion and can be a useful addition to any greenhouse gas emissions reduction program. The circulatory action of the 0.5hp motor can create a flow in excess of seven million Imperial gallons per hour. This circulation stimulates an increase in population of the lagoon micro-organisms and these micro-organisms then work to decrease odours/gases, solids, and covert nutrients to usable and stable forms.

The electrically driven circulators (Enviro 205, 210 and 700), which may be hooked up to onshore solar power, are gear reduced to typically operate within the range of 107rpm to 130rpm on single or three phase power, however, any of the electrical or solar units can be operated at lower speeds/gear ratios to accommodate special circumstances. The Enviro 220 circulator, the solar powered unit, has solar equipment mounted directly on the machine. The Enviro 600 series, also powered via a renewable energy source, is powered by the wind.


Balzer Incorporated
The Balzer newly designed, Magnum Express Lagoon Pump features two pump choices: Balzer V-6 AR steel pump housing or the Veneroni Super 150 modular cast pump housing. A 19.5in horizontal prop and 350 degree rotating orbit motor-driven swept back agitation nozzle allow for maximum agitation. The 7×7 square discharge pipe allows for great discharge volumes as well as providing structural integrity for the pump. Impeller positioning combined with a larger and heavier foot plate allow for powerful agitation and pump out closer to the bottom of the pit. A durable, 4.0in drive shaft comes with heavy-duty bearings and U-joints every 5.0ft or 10ft (depending on the model) to help minimize shaft vibration for smoother, more efficient operation.

The Magnum Express is available in 38ft, 43ft, 48ft and 58ft lengths with a 540rpm or 1000rpm PTO. The pump raises or lowers hydraulically from the tractor with a 96in maximum lift via the trailer tires. These legs also act as stabilizers when the pump is in operation. Increased bracing and struts for stability and strength are found on the 48ft and 58ft models. These models also feature two cylinders on the pump undercarriage to raise and lower the pump.

Hydraulic controls for the agitation nozzle control and load valve are standard. It can be operated from the tractor cab or the side of the lagoon. The Magnum is available with a raised agitation gun, designed especially for crusty lagoons, or a bottom agitation gun, for lagoons with heavy bottom solids. -end-


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