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InnoVations: May/June 2008

July 11, 2008  by Innovations

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Aova Technologies
Today’s agricultural feed ingredient market is more competitive than ever. From growers of beef to swine to birds and fish, everyone is looking for an advantage. With more than one million growers and producers, the demand on feed ingredient manufacturers to deliver big results is no surprise.

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, Aova Technologies is an agricultural biotechnology company utilizing proprietary technologies and products to offer producers and feed nutritionists a different strategy in animal nutrition.


Aova-branded products are naturally produced dietary additives that, when added to the animals’ best diet, results in enhanced gut health and nutritional performance. Utilizing hyper-immunized eggs proves to be the catalyst for Aova’s initial product lines – BIG PIG, BIG FISH, BIG BEEF and BIG BIRD. Through a patented process, the company is able to generate a concentrated level of specific, naturally occurring antibodies in the laying hen that are then deposited in the eggs they produce. This dried egg spray product, utilizing a unique mode of action, has led to enhanced nutritional performance as demonstrated in many research and performance trials. These trials have shown improved animal health with greater feed efficiency, average daily gain and uniformity.

Aova is committed to research and strives to be as transparent as possible in its efforts to demonstrate the capabilities of product lines. The company operates on a platform of existing patented and proprietary technologies in place and continual work with major academic research institutions and commercial organizations.

BFI Innovations

Natural is an adjective being used to describe a number of products in both the food and feed industries. Natural also describes a specific blend of plant extracts that comprise the product Apex.

The proprietary blend of botanicals found in Apex Calf: for starter and grower feeds; Apex CMR: for calf milk replacers, and Apex WME: for whole milk enhancer, has shown improved performance with an estimated profit per calf increase from $4.34 to $10.99 and improved weight gain by 12 percent.
In trials available from BFI Innovations, calves fed an Apex feeding program grew 14 percent faster from days zero to 42 and days zero to 56 than non-Apex calves, calves grew 17 percent faster from days 43 to 56 than non-Apex calves, and Apex calves were 5.5lb heavier at 42 days and 9.9lb heavier at 56 days.

Just as certain herbs are known to provide antiseptic, antioxidant and digestion-enhancing properties for humans, studies also show benefits in livestock. Providing a natural approach to increased health and profitability is the answer to one of the main challenges facing the veal industry.

Natural and botanical additives react differently in each species and in conjunction with one another. Many in vitro and in vivo trials have been conducted to assure that the Apex Calf, CMR and WME lines have proper formulation to promote feed intake and show improved animal performance in calves. As producers strive to produce high quality food products and maintain optimum performance and profitability levels, Apex products provide the overall boost necessary to all aspects of a veal operation.

Arm & Hammer

armArm & Hammer Animal Nutrition has a rich history of improving cow performance and producer profitability by raising the bar on feed ingredient performance and quality. In the company’s drive to deliver safe, effective products, Arm & Hammer has achieved certifications from the American Feed Industry Association Safe Feed/Safe Food program and the Facility Certification Institute. All Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition feed ingredients are research-proven and rely heavily on extensive research to deliver high quality feed ingredients and ensure maximum performance.

The Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition product portfolio is designed to improve dairy cow efficiency, which means a greater percentage of what the cow eats leads to a healthier herd, and more energy is provided to increase milk and component production. Benefits include: greater efficiency in converting feed to milk, increased milk production and dairy producer profitability, and less nitrogen excretion by the cow that would otherwise end up in the dairy waste stream.

Danisco Animal Nutrition

Broiler producers looking for lower feed costs with distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) can save money without risking bird performance, according to results from trials at Auburn University and Purdue University. Two trials
conducted at the two universities show that adding a new generation phytase (Phyzyme XP), and xylanase, amylase, and protease enzymes (Avizyme 1502) to corn soy broiler diets containing 10 percent corn DDGS improved body weight gain and feed efficiency.

Body weight gain was improved by about five to eight percent and feed conversion improved by six percent. In the trial conducted at Auburn, the enzyme combination was also added to a lower cost diet reduced in energy by 80cals/kg of feed and containing 0.1 percent lower available phosphorous and lower calcium. At 56 days, broiler live-weight gain was eight percent higher and feed conversion improved by four points, compared to broilers fed a standard corn soy diet containing 10 percent corn DDGS. Gross feed cost savings of more than $9.0 per tonne were achieved.

Phyzyme XP is an efficient phytase feed enzyme that improves the digestibility of phosphorous and other nutrients contained in cereal grains, oil seed meals and their by-products. The product reduces the amount of inorganic phosphorous that must be added to the feed and allows the diet to be reformulated to take account of improvements in energy and amino acid digestibility. Phyzyme XP also improves the environment by reducing the amount of phosphorous excreted by the animal.

MaxiPlex is a microbial feed product for swine that can increase weight gain, increase digestibility of vegetal components and reduce ammonia emissions caused by the digesting process. This feed complement is a complete biological product that contains bacteria, yeasts extracts, wheat and calcium carbonate. Through the action of the bacteria, the intestinal florae of the swine are reinforced and the immune system is stimulated. The conversion of food into compounds capable of being metabolized is improved, which increases weight gain. The environment of the barn is also improved as the ammonia emissions caused by digestion are reduced.

Research studies in the U.S. and Canada have shown: better feed conversion, lower mortality rate, better stress resistance, diminution of diarrheas, reduction of time in growth stage, and better loin premiums at slaughter. The recommended dosage of MaxiPlex is 500g per ton of finished feed. Some producers have seen results at dosage rates as low as 300g.

DPI Global

Micro-Aid is an all natural, environmentally safe feed additive that research has shown will control unpleasant odors originating from ammonia and other noxious gases. According to commercial studies and research performed at more than 200 universities, Micro-Aid reduces aerial ammonia concentrations by up to 40 percent and can reduce other odor causing gases, such as sulfurs and phenols. It can promote a healthier gut environment through a reduction in intestinal ammonia, mucosa tissue turnover rate and maintenance energy demands. Micro-Aid can also improve solids breakdown, pen clean up and pit pump out. The feed additive has been manufactured and dried onto a granular carrier to reduce dust and improve handling and mixing ability, ensuring a uniform product mix at the lowest inclusion rate.

St. Cloud Mining

Dairies are under increasingly intensive pressure from state and federal regulators to control air and water emissions. St. Cloud Zeolite is a unique, naturally occurring, low clay, low sodium mineral product that offers the dairy industry a cost effective solution to one of its most pressing regulatory problems. Natural clinoptilolite zeolite is a proven, low cost, low impact solution that effectively binds ammonia and creates improved, stable nitrogen and phosphorous ratios in the manure.

Numerous research efforts conducted worldwide have shown the benefit of zeolite in selectively capturing ammonia and preventing its release into the atmosphere. The ammonia-rich manure minimizes phosphorous runoff in groundwater systems and allows a higher application rate. In addition, St. Cloud Zeolite absorbs moisture, resulting in lower fly populations and reduces heat and ventilation requirements in confinement barns. Because of its unique properties, St. Cloud Zeolite can be used as a feed additive where it has been shown to improve animal health, increase feed efficiency, enhance the uptake of nutrients and beneficial minerals, and performs as an effective rumen buffer.


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