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IN entrepreneurs bring renewable energy technology

August 6, 2013  by Press release

August 6, 2013, Monticello, IN – Waste No Energy, LLC recently announced the development of a multi-million dollar anaerobic digester facility designed to renew energy and fuel the economy.

The facility is on schedule to begin generating renewable power in December 2013 and will serve as the ninth of its kind in the state. 

“This is an exciting time for all of us at Waste No Energy. This technology has been utilized in Europe for decades and we are proud to bring it to Indiana,” said Doug Raderstorf, president of Waste No Energy. “We are proud that it is becoming a reality for the area.”

In addition to producing clean, renewable energy that will be purchased by Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), the facility’s digester will convert a mix of manure and food waste to produce organic liquid fertilizer. As a result, the process will replace demand for chemical fertilizers that can be harmful to the environment. While operating continuously, the digestion process will require no use of fresh water or chemical additives of any kind and produce zero waste products, thereby reducing the area’s carbon footprint.


Once complete, the facility will enable the following:

  • Annual production of 8.2 million kilowatts of green electricity for powering 940 Indiana households;
  • Daily collection of 26 tons of manure; and
  • Daily collection of 125 tons of organic food waste including expired grocery and bakery goods, restaurant waste, cheese manufacturing waste and animal proteins.

“Renewable energy projects like this play an important role in the overall energy mix, and we hope it serves as a model for the continued development of other sustainable renewable projects in the future,” said Karl Stanley, vice president of commercial operations for NIPSCO.

Waste No Energy, LLC is affiliated with RAKR Farms, which has been operating in the Monticello, Ind. area for many years. The company owns various building sites, including a hog facility, grain drying and storage facility, office, employee housing and a cattle facility.



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