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Identifying Wisc. manure management practices

September 23, 2013  by Press release

September 23, 2013, Madison, WI – Dairy farmers in Wisconsin are invited to participate in a research study to identify manure management practices that are used on the state’s dairy farms.

This information will help researchers and educators develop engineering designs and management practices for handling, processing, and storage of manure.

This study hopes to include approximately 600 dairy farms in the state of Wisconsin.

Producers are asked to complete one survey, which will require approximately 20 minutes to complete. This survey will cover questions about their operation’s manure management system including collection, transportation, storage, processing (anaerobic digestion, solid-liquid separation, and sand separation), and land application.


It’s hoped the information gathered through the survey will facilitate research on manure systems, increase development of manure management practices and user tools, and provide more detailed economic analyses.

If farmers have questions about the research during or after completing the survey, they are invited to contact any of the researchers involved in the project:

Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.

To access the survey, click here.


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