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IA manure spill reaches Thompson River

April 5, 2016  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

April 5, 2016, Murray, IA – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is investigating a discharge of swine manure from a confinement operation in Clarke County that reached the Thompson River.

The spill occurred about eight miles south of Murray as manure was being transferred from below building pits to an outdoor basin. The transfer pipe broke, releasing an unknown amount of manure. Farm staff took action to stop the manure release.

The manure traveled overland to a farm pond, which overflowed and then ran into a small, unnamed stream and flowed about 2.5 miles to the Thompson River.

DNR staff took water samples and checked for dead fish in the farm pond, the tributary and in the river for several miles downstream. They did not find any dead fish.


The DNR is monitoring spill containment and cleanup and will consider appropriate enforcement action.


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