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IA DNR finds manure runoff in Lee County

February 3, 2016  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

February 3, 2016, Fort Madison, IA – The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) checked on a complaint received Jan. 31 that manure was running off into Rogers Ditch about seven miles northeast of Fort Madison.

DNR staff found elevated ammonia levels and a manure smell where a dark discharge was flowing into the ditch.

Feb. 1, DNR staff verified a manure discharge coming from an overflowing pit at a nearby hog confinement. An unknown amount discharged from the pit over the weekend. A farm worker said he discovered a broken water line, which caused the discharge.

The producer has dammed an area near the facility to prevent further manure from escaping, then dammed a low spot in the field to contain manure in the field. He plans to pump manure from the road ditch back into the building.


DNR did not find any dead fish on the site and is waiting for laboratory results to determine the extent of pollution in the stream.

The DNR will monitor cleanup efforts and consider appropriate enforcement action.


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