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Honoring women in agriculture

September 24, 2020  by Brett Ruffell, editor of Canadian Poultry

In March, the agriculture group of magazines at Annex Business Media launched Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture (IWCA). It’s a recognition program intended to highlight and promote the work that women do across Canada’s diverse agricultural landscape.

Whether actively farming, providing animal health or agronomic services or leading sales, research and marketing teams, Canadian women are essential to the success of the agriculture industry.

We asked our collective subscribers to nominate an influential woman by providing examples of their leadership, innovation and advocacy work. We were confident that we’d receive lots of great nominations, but our team of judges was truly blown away by what we read in the nomination forms.

The pages ahead contain highlights of interviews with each of the six women chosen as the inaugural Influential Women in Canadian Agriculture. From animal welfare to soil to advocacy, these trailblazers are leaders in their respective fields. We trust you’ll be inspired by their stories.


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