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Governments step in to strengthen biosecurity in Ontario’s agri-food sector

Governments support projects further safeguarding health of the province’s farmed animals.

September 11, 2019  by Manure Manager

The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario are helping the province’s agri-food sector improve biosecurity measures to further protect locally raised livestock and poultry from diseases and pests.

The governments highlighted this priority commitment in September with an announcement of support for Soil Solutions Plus Inc., in St. George, where they are providing funds to install modern and efficient equipment to power-wash vehicles. The project will mitigate the risk of vehicles used by the agri-consulting firm inadvertently transferring materials between farms that could be dangerous to farmed animals. These projects are part of the governments’ biosecurity investments that have totalled more than $2 million for over 90 projects. The cost-share funding is provided through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership).

Ontario Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Ernie Hardeman made the announcement at nearby Browndale Farm, in Paris, ON. Through the Partnership, both governments have also contributed to three projects that boost biosecurity at Browndale Farm.

Browndale Farm received a total of $82,836 for its completed projects. The funding supported two biosecurity projects. One saw the creation of an access laneway to clearly define controlled and restricted access zones. The second saw the construction and installation of wash pads with a pressure washing system. It has also received a funding commitment for up to $50,000 to do additional laneway development work to further reduce the risk of transferring diseased materials to its on-site farm animals.


“Investing in biosecurity projects like this helps protects our farmers, their animals and the economy by reducing the risk of visitors to the farm accidentally introducing and spreading diseases and pests,” said Minister Hardeman.

The Soil Solutions Plus Inc. project is among more than 40 projects supported in the sector through the federal government’s fund this year to assist a variety of biosecurity improvement projects.

To date, both the federal and provincial governments have committed cost-share support to more than 2,000 projects through the Partnership program to help eligible Ontario farmers, processors, businesses and sector organizations.


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