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FortisBC proposes to provide 100 per cent renewable gas to all new homes

January 21, 2022  by FortisBC

Under a new proposal put forward by FortisBC Energy Inc. (FortisBC) to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC), every newly constructed home connecting to the gas system would automatically receive 100 per cent renewable gas for the lifespan of the building. The approval of this proposal would mark a new era in the evolution of the company’s renewable energy programs.

The proposal has not yet been approved by the BCUC. However, FortisBC VP of energy supply and resource development Joe Mazza says is approved, “This would give every British Columbian a choice on how best to reduce GHG emissions from their new home.” He adds, “We realize there’s much to consider in the proposal we’ve put forward.”

The application also proposes that existing residential natural gas customers would automatically receive a small percentage of renewable gas as part of their gas supply by 2024. FortisBC’s existing voluntary RNG program (which was North America’s first) will continue, providing customers with the option to select how much additional renewable gas they would like to receive.

“Our review of our RNG program really dove into the outlook of renewable gas to serve British Columbians, including supply and demand for renewable gas, customer programs, supply cost and recovery mechanisms as well as current government energy policies and objectives,” explained Mazza. “We see the potential for renewable gases, like RNG, to accelerate the goals of the government’s CleanBC Roadmap in an innovative and affordable way by using an existing system that moves and stores energy incredibly well.”



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