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Fish kill along Buchanan County creek in IA

October 2, 2015  by Iowa Department of Natural Resources

October 2, 2015, Stanley, IA – Iowa Department of Natural Resources staff have traced a fish kill to a hog confinement about three miles south of Stanley near the north Buchanan County line.

Responding to a report of dead fish September 28, DNR staff has working their way up the West Branch of Pine Creek. Today they traced the pollutant source to a hog confinement.

The spill occurred when the operation’s below-building pits overflowed, leading to manure entering an underground tile line that flows into the creek. The farmer stopped the overflow and is working to prevent excess manure from reaching the tile line.

“This is a good reminder for livestock farmers,” said Sue Miller, DNR environmental specialist. “Pits are getting full this time of year, and producers should check the levels frequently and make sure there is no discharge.”


Dead fish were found along about two miles of the stream – mostly chubs and minnows with some suckers and smallmouth bass. DNR biologists are conducting a fish count.

Miller is monitoring cleanup efforts. The DNR will consider appropriate enforcement action, including seeking restitution for fish killed.


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