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April 28, 2008  by Innovations

Although new to North America,
Penergetic-t feed supplement has been used in some European and Asian
countries for over 10 years. 

    Although new to North America, Penergetic-t feed supplement has been used in some European and Asian countries for over 10 years. 

    Penergetic-t works like a homeopathic remedy to improve digestion/feed conversion, calm animals and strengthen the immune system. The product is used in small quantities (for pigs 20 g per ton of wet fodder, dairy/cattle 1-2 g per LSU), is suitable for all animals and is easily added to feed or drinking water.

    How it works: Calcium carbonate is charged with frequencies of information from minerals, trace elements and herbs. This has the effect of stimulating metabolic processes which optimize conversion of nutrients and improves excretion.


    Penergetic-t feed supplement is said to improve the quality of animal excrement, therefore enhancing the action of Penergetic-g slurry treatment to support the aerobic rotting processes in liquid manure for faster odor reduction and homogenization. Both products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute.

MicroSource S
    MicroSource S is a heat-stable microbial feed additive that contains organisms selected for their ability to improve the decomposition of stored swine manure.

    MicroSource S micro-organisms consume the undigested feedstuffs in manure, reducing the production of odor-causing compounds. Microsource S micro-organisms were selected for specific traits, such as stability and their metabolic byproducts. The unique combination of micro-organisms in MicroSource S are patented and DNA fingerprinted for quality control. This ensures consistent product performance every time, the company says.

    MicroSource S is added to all phases of swine feed at a single rate per ton of finished feed. The inclusion rate is the same, regardless of stage of growth or manure handling system. The reason for this is that MicroSource S is not providing nutrients to the pig but it is consistently inoculating every gram of feed.

It is available to feed manufacturers for use in formulating concentrates and premixes. In addition, MicroSource S is stable in both meal and pelleted feeds (heat-stable).

    MicroSource S begins to work by providing a source of live micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal tract. These micro-organisms begin producing enzymes and bacterins in the pig and end up distributed in every fraction of manure produced. This allows the decomposition to start as early as possible, and continues as the manure lands on the floor and is collected into the manure handling and storage area.

YQP Powder
    YQP Powder is a 100 percent natural feed additive for swine, poultry and companion animals. The main benefits of the product are improved feed conversion, odor reduction (ammonia binding), and an alternative to antibiotics used as growth promoters, according to the company.

    YQP Powder is made from pure Yucca schidigera and Quillaja saponaria. It has a minimum 12 percent Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) composed of triterpenic and steroidal saponins plus other naturally occurring glicocomponents, polyphenols, salts and sugars. It has no preservatives or carriers, and no chemical extraction or solvents are used.

    YQP may be added at 100 to 150 ppm directly to the feed, premixes, or base mixes and has two important effects: it is a natural alternative to antibiotics as a growth promoter (feed enhancement) and it reduces ammonia and odor.

    Micro-Aid is a concentrated product consisting of a naturally occurring biologically active compound.

    Micro-Aid feed grade concentrate is composed of yucca extract, verxite granules, calcium carbonate, mineral oil, and copper sulfate derived from the Yucca schidigera plant. YQP is rich in naturally occurring triterpenic and steroidal saponins and polyphenols. It has no preservatives or carriers, and no chemical extraction or solvents are used. It is a brownish-gray granular powder and is odorless. The product contains not less than 30 percent TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) by weight.

    YQP may be added at 100 to 150 ppm directly to the feed, premixes, base mixes with two important effects: it is a natural alternative to antibiotics as a growth promoter (feed enhancement.) and ammonia and odor reduction.

    Micro-Aid has an FDA status (FDA Reg. 172.510) and is approved for use in controlling ammonia and malodors in animal waste, as well as approved by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

    Agroindustrias El Alamo SA de CV (Agroin) is a Mexican company that, since 1983, has farmed and harvested the Yucca schidigera and industrializes it in order to obtain products that are widely used in the farm, food and cosmetic industries. Its products are distributed in more than 22 countries, where they’ve had acceptance for their effectiveness and efficiency, according to the company.

    The company’s Biopowder is a natural feed additive for livestock that is used to control odors, ammonia and other gas emissions, which can be detrimental to livestock performance.

    The use of Yucca schidigera extract in powder form in the swine’s feed during the productive cycle lowers the noxious gas levels, mainly ammonia, and as a consequence, productive parameters are improved, mainly the feed conversion and weight gain, says the company.

    When Biopowder is included in swine feed, the saponins and glycocomponents within Biopowder enhance animal performance by binding atmospheric ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases that cause odors. It reduces offensive odors, improving work conditions as well as animal welfare.

Helfter Feeds
    D.U.A. from Helfter Feeds is a livestock feed supplement that plays a major role in enhancing bioavailability of nutrients and valuable nitrogen returns in organic waste.

    D.U.A. neutralizes the acid binding properties of high protein feedstuffs and unleashes the positive energy from nutrients to enhance fermentation and digestion, according to the company.

It influences aerobic bacteria colonization and oxygen to increase nitrification, which was proven to increase available nitrogen values in organic waste, says the company. This accounts for much less liquid manure applied per acre to attain needed available nitrogen goals and greatly reduces the phosphates applied in liquid manure.

PCS Sales Feed Products
    With the largest phosphate reserves in North America, and the most production plants, PCS Sales Feed Products offers an unrivaled source of supply, says the company. The company’s products are leading the industry in both label guarantees and bio-availability, meaning that customers receive the most consistent quality product, according to PCS.

    Many phosphate producers have relied on simple and chemical analyses to measure phosphate bio-availability. PCS tests their products using the most reliable indicator of biological value: The 21-day chick assay. PCS remains the only company to routinely test the nutritional performance of their feed phosphate minerals using these standardized biological assays, according to the company.

    PCS says it produces the industry’s most bio-available feed phosphate. From four grades of calcium phosphate to potassium- and nitrogen-based products, it offers a complete line of trace ingredients. Products include Defluorinated Phosphate (18% P), Dicalcium Phosphate (18.5% P) and Monocalcium Phosphate (21.0% P)

    PCS recently unveiled its new state-of-the-art defluorinated feed phosphate (DFP) plant at the company’s Aurora, North Carolina facility. The $53 million facility has the capacity to produce 175,000 tons of feed phosphate annually, and will be the most efficient DFP plant in the world due to the high quality of phosphate rock available on site, according to the company.

SHAC Environmental Products
    SHAC’s Feed Additive for hogs reduces manure odors and dangerous gases, and creates safer and more pleasant conditions for livestock, operators and neighbors, says the company. The product is easy to use.

    The vision of SHAC Environmental Products Inc. is to provide natural products, processes and knowledge that restore and enhance the ecosystem to sustain nature’s circle of life. SHAC Environmental Products are 100 percent natural and free of toxic chemicals.

    SHAC products do not provide a “quick fix” to symptoms of organic environmental problems. They work at a microbial level to create an equilibrium in the life cycle. The company offers solutions from feed to field from pond to tap, enhancing all the related ecosystems as they work.

    Although similar in properties, each product is specifically prepared for a particular market application.


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