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Feed industry blames biofuels for high prices

July 24, 2012  by Argus Media

Jul. 24, 2012, London, UK – The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) has singled out global biofuel production as the leading cause behind the latest surge in worldwide feed and food grain prices.

According to the IFIF, increasing competition for feed and food grains and oil seeds from an expanding international biofuels industry has placed growing pressure on global feed manufacturers, resulting in higher prices for consumers.

IFIF executive director Alexandra de Athayde referred to the recent spike in feed and food prices caused by the continuing drought in the US as evidence of the “direct competition” for land and water resources between biofuel production and food supplies.

“If no virgin food or feed crops were used to produce fuel, we believe prices would come down again,” de Athayde said. “Current policies aimed a subsidising the production of grains and oilseeds-based biofuels harm the consumer and threat the sustainability of the feed and food chain globally.”

De Athayde called upon governments to reconsider subsidies for grain-based biofuels in order to meet the UN’s current and future global food demand estimate of 60pc more food by 2050.

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