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Pacific Northwest and Mountain West nutrient cycling, soil health and food safety conference

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October 27 - October 29, 2020

This conference should be of interest to those managing nutrients.

Nutrient cycling and recycling, fate and transport of nutrients across multiple landscapes of agriculture, and food safety related to water irrigation management will be the focus of the conference. An emphasis will be placed on adoption of innovative technology and building relationships, which will promote recycling of manure nutrients via crops and forages.

Highlights will include specific education tracks focusing on:

  • phosphorus and nitrogen movement in the agricultural landscape
  • safe use of compost for vegetable crop production
  • multi-year compost rate and crop rotation with manure
  • irrigation water quality and food safety (FSMA)
  • compost utilization
  • soil health
  • current state of phosphorus management with the P-Index tool
  • use of manure with berries and vegetable crops
  • effect of manure stockpiling on nutrient leaching
  • fate and transport of nutrients and pathogens
  • technologies for capture and recycling of manure phosphorus and solids
  • carbon sequestering and storage
  • predicting nitrogen mineralization in organic farming systems
  • safe use of compost/manure for vegetable crops
  • role of tannins and carbohydrates on rate of gain, economics, and nutrient cycling in grazing systems
  • irrigation management and food safety

A producer panel will feature producers’ experiences with nutrient management, perspectives on conservation efforts and opinions about their operations. The conference will conclude with a discussion of potential action plans for future outreach efforts. The intent will be to build on the regional network of advisors and educators and take the knowledge gained at the conference into action in the field.

Who should participate in the conference?

University Extension, Agronomists, Consultants, Agriculture Professionals, Crop Advisors, Conservation Districts, County Extension, Farmers, Growers and Producers, NRCS, Environmental and Tribal Organizations, Municipal Water and Irrigation Districts, Regulatory and Policy Staff, Research and Academic Personnel and more!

**Continuing education credits are expected to be available for certified crop advisors, professional animal scientists, conservation district employees, professional engineers, technical service providers and others.

This virtual event is free. All participants must register before the event.

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