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Enbridge, Vanguard Renewables partner on RNG project

October 1, 2021  by Manure Manager

Energy giant Enbridge has struck a partnership with Vanguard Renewables. The partnership takes place, in Enbridge’s own words, “where poop becomes power.”

The two companies have partnered to design and build eight RNG projects, all across the U.S. Organic waste from food waste and livestock manure will be transformed into carbon-neutral RNG.

Vanguard, which has worked for years in RNG, will build and operate digesters used to convert both food and farm waste. For its part, Enbridge will invest in the upgrading equipment that will turn RNG into pipeline-quality natural gas. Enbridge will also help transport and sell that natural gas to large multinational companies. This will allow companies that are part of Vanguard’s Farm Powered Strategic Alliance (which includes Starbucks, Unilever and the Dairy Farmers of America) to reduce their carbon footprint by providing their food and farm waste to Vanguard.

Enbridge’s investment is valued at more than $75 million.



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