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Dragline application of manure to growing soybeans

March 29, 2019  by Ohio State University Extension

As we continue to search for profitable ways to expand the manure application window in Ohio, we have begun to research dragline application of manure to growing soybeans.

While this would potentially open up more time for manure application in the spring, our initial research goal is to look at the ability to apply manure to emerged double crop soybeans after wheat. For many years, livestock producers have successfully applied liquid manure to newly planted soybeans in July to help provide moisture for germination and emergence.

In 2018 we conducted trials at Western and Northwest OARDC to determine the yield effects a loaded five inch drag hose would have on growing soybeans.

Plots were 30-feet wide and 90-to-2,000 feet long. Plots were harvested with a small plot combine with a two-meter head allowing us to look at damage caused by the drag hose versus damage caused by the tractor tires.


At every growth stage wheel damage was evident, with a trend of lower yields in the center where wheels were. It may be beneficial to use tracks or at least a non-dualed tractor to minimize wheel damage.

A five inch loaded drag hose was utilized in the study and each plot was drug once to best represent real field damage. Each location had either two or four replications and also had an untreated check. | READ MORE


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