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Dairypower Equipment expands into North America

March 24, 2020  by Manure Manager

Dairypower Equipment, the Irish designer and manufacturer of manure aeration and handling equipment, has opened a new sales and warehousing location in Ontario to serve the North American market.

The company, headquartered in Cork, Ireland, has been serving the Irish, UK, European, Scandinavian, Asian and Australian markets since 1973 with manure handling equipment. Dairypower Equipment will be bringing several products to North America including the Smart Manure Aeration System, Pro-Clean Ratchet Scraper System, and Eco-Clean Rope/Cable Scraper System. The Smart Manure Aeration System is designed to keep manure in a liquid, pumpable state year-round while reducing methane, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

“With Smart Aeration we’re creating an aerobic environment that reduces odors and dangerous gas emissions while increasing manure nitrogen levels by up to 70 percent,” says Adam Steward, Dairypower’s North American business development manager. “Farmers are purchasing less fertilizer, never agitating, and the manure is ready to pump and spread when they are. This creates a safer environment for humans and animals and requires very minimal energy consumption.”

Dairypower Equipment will be developing a dealer network across North America to better serve dairy and hog farmers locally.



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