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CFO program open to manure applicators

June 17, 2014  by Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development

June 17, 2014, Edmonton, Alta – Growing Forward 2 has opened its Confined Feeding Operation (CFO) Stewardship Program to commercial manure applicators in Alberta.

Commercial manure applicators (or custom applicators, manure haulers or corral cleaners, as they are sometimes called) are now eligible for $70,000 on a 50/50 cost share for equipment and other items related to safe manure application.

“In the past this program only offered grant funding to livestock producers (such as dairy and hog operations) to help them purchase manure injection equipment,” says Jennifer Neden, coordinator, Confined Feeding Operation Stewardship Program, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Lethbridge. “In addition to being opened to commercial manure applicators, the list of eligible items under the program has increased and the maximum grant has gone up from $20,000 to $70,000. Items are still cost shared 50/50.”

Neden says the change was made to include custom manure applicators because they apply the majority of liquid manure in the province.


“The change now allows them to access funds to help them purchase equipment that injects manure below the soil surface, which helps to manage odor and prevent loss of nitrogen and other gasses to the atmosphere,” says Neden. “ And because they transport so much manure, the program is there to assist them in purchasing proper road signs to notify the public, auto-shut off features to help prevent spills, and software to help map and record where manure is applied.”

“It’s important to note that these changes (the cap and expanded list of eligible items) also apply to any livestock producer applying for grant assistance under this project category of the program,” says Nedin. “In addition, this category is now retroactive back to April 1, 2013, meaning that if a commercial manure applicator or a producer purchased an eligible item last year they can still apply for a grant under the program”

To be eligible for funding, commercial manure applicators must attend a one-day workshop to be hosted in Olds in July.

For more information, go to the GF2 website or call Jennifer Neden at 403-329-1212 ext. 225.



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