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Centrisys Corp. wins U.S. EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge

April 25, 2016  by Press release

April 25, 2016, Kenosha, WI – Centrisys Corporation, a manufacturer of dewatering and thickening centrifuges, recently announced that it has been named a winner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Nutrient Recycling Challenge.

The competition challenges companies worldwide to develop technological advancements that recycle nutrients from livestock manure more effectively.

Livestock producers manage over one billion tons of animal manure annually in the United States. Recognizing the need to accelerate products that address more effective management of this issue, the EPA created the Nutrient Recycling Challenge. Out of 75 submissions from companies worldwide, 34 were chosen to continue on to the design phase, and the Centrisys team was ranked as one of the top four winners.

Centrisys’ winning paper was titled Removal of Dissolved Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Livestock Manure by Air Stripping, and was developed in collaboration with CNP-Technology Water and Biosolids Corp. To maximize nutrient removal from the liquid fraction of manure, the team proposed treating anaerobically digested swine manure with AirPrex struvite precipitators before being dewatered with a decanter centrifuge. AirPrex is a CNP technology that utilizes CO2 stripping to convert the dissolved fraction of phosphorus and nitrogen into solid fertilizer struvite.


“Solid separation is the primary means of managing nutrients in livestock manure and Centrisys has been setting a standard for effective solid separation,” said Hiroko Yoshida, senior research and development engineer and project leader. “We’re proud to apply more than a decade of engineering knowledge in solids separation to manure management – helping livestock producers by developing reliable nutrient management solutions.”

Since 1987, Centrisys has been a manufacturer of decanter centrifuges, dewatering systems and process technologies for dewatering and water/solids separation in municipal, agriculture, and industrial applications. Centrisys introduced the industry’s first manure waste specific application for decanter centrifuges in the mid-2000s after extensive application and testing in dairy operations throughout the U.S.


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