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CBS America, SDSU to collaborate on swine research

December 9, 2020  by  Bree Rody

CBS America and South Dakota State University (SDSU) will expand their working relationship as the two aim to gain insights and drive innovation for the next generation of pig farming.

CBS America – the U.S.-focused division of Canadian Bio-Systems – and SDSU are building on a previous five-year relationship. With this new three-year agreement, the two will explore new opportunities to produce quality pork sustainability and profitability, with an emphasis on nutrition and feed technology interventions.

The renewed partnership comes fresh off the tails of the launch of CBS America’s new headquarters and distribution hub in Volga, South Dakota within miles of the SDSU campus. For its part, CBS America will provide technical and commercial expertise. SDSU will harness the capabilities of its longstanding swine program and recently constructed $7.4 million swine research facility.

The previous collaboration between CBS and SDSU focused on exploring new opportunities to increase value from feedstuffs, including an emphasis on the grower-finish phase of production. The new phase will add a larger focus on sows and nursery pigs, as the industry has seen a growing recognition of the importance of supporting pigs through the first few weeks of life.


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