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Canadian Biogas Association unveils new tool for the digester-curious

January 26, 2021  by  Bree Rody

The Canadian Biogas Association has created a new resource to connect farmers with more information on agricultural biogas. is part of an educational campaign to encourage farmers to take advantage of biogas opportunities on their farms.

Jennifer Green, executive director of CBA, said in a statement that the Association commonly fields questions from farmers about the feasibility of adding biogas plants to their operations. The goal of this project, she says, is to make those answers more accessible to all.

While many see anaerobic digesters as a significant expense, many in the industry agree that on-farm biogas systems have numerous benefits, both economically and environmentally. The current number of operational anaerobic digesters in Canada is estimated to be more than 60.


The site will help producers and others in the industry find resources to evaluate the opportunities. These include self-assessment tools, checklists, Q&As, key links to guides and handbooks, and vendor listings and profiles.


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