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Bibeau re-appointed as agriculture minister

October 26, 2021  by  Bree Rody

In a Canadian post-election shake-up, a number of high-profile cabinet ministers changed jobs, with some new faces coming in.

One notable exception, however, was Marie-Claude Bibeau, Agriculture and Agri-Food Minster. Bibeau has served in the position since 2019, having formerly held cabinet positions overseeing international development and Francophone affairs. She’s been an elected MP sine 2015 in the Quebec riding of Compton-Stanstead. She held onto her seat with 36.66 per cent of the vote according to preliminary results, relatively even with her previous showings.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture has already offered its congratulations to Bibeau on her re-appointment.

“We look forward to continuing our productive relationship with Minister Bibeau. We have worked closely with the Minister throughout her tenure and the COVID-19 pandemic, and are now looking forward to collaborating to ensure that Canadian agriculture can serve as a powerful economic engine for Canada’s recovery and an impactful ally in the fight against climate change,” said Mary Robinson, CFA president, in a statement.


“During the recent election, CFA has made the priorities of Canadian farmers very clear: leverage agriculture’s environmental benefits, provide increased funding for the Next Policy Framework and invest in critical infrastructure requirements, among others.”

“Another key priority that must be quickly addressed is the devastating drought situation in the Prairie provinces. CFA’s Hay West initiative is seeking funding, in line with competing nations’ emergency funding, to cover the freight costs of shipping hay to farmers who are in dire need today.”

The CFA also says it will seek a meeting with Bibeau to discuss the priorities and key issues facing Canadian farmers at her earliest convenience.


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