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Bazooka Farmstar continues to raise the bar with new product releases

October 8, 2018  by Manure Manager magazine

Bazooka Farmstar announced the release of four new core products at the latest North American Manure Expo, including: The full throttle series 1,000 gallon trailer, the full throttle high reach outlaw, the 80′ Infinity Series boom truck, and the NEXUS control system.

The 1,000 Gallon Full Throttle Series has the fuel capacity to run for 24+ hours straight, allowing you to extend your run times.

This trailer has been created to accommodate the largest engine, pump, and plumbing combinations in our line-up, featuring 700+ HP engines. These large engines drive a Cornell 81022MP pump with 10″ intake and 8″ discharge, making it capable of handling solids up to 4″.

The Full Throttle High Reach Outlaw includes all of the features of the original force feeding trailer, and more. An extra 6′ has been added to the center section of the triple fold boom, allowing it to reach over an 18′ high slurry storage and reach the bottom of the slurry unit.

This trailer can achieve 19′ below grade depth, the deepest pumping depth of any trailer boom unit on the market, which is ideal for those “hard to reach” confinement pits and lagoons.

The 80′ Infinity Series Boom Truck leads the market in reach, ease of travel, pumping capacity, and performance; making manure management as safe and convenient as ever. Easily achieve 3,000 – 3,500 GPM with a 15″ or 17″ Nuhn submersible header pump.

Stainless steel and high-density polythene (HDPE) materials used in the external piping of the 80′ boom, eases maintenance and prevents premature wear and corrosion, resulting in a truck you can rely on.

NEXUS is the next level Electronic Control System that allows crews to manage their pumps remotely and with great accuracy, all conveniently from a cell phone or tablet. It’s sleek, user friendly and intuitive interface has made real-time monitoring for off-site pump management simple. Some notable features of this new system include, but are not limited to: Automatic pressure throttling, line break warnings and safeguards, pit depth and fuel level sensors, and control of all account information in one location.


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