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Backhus offers a full range of solutions in four product lines

September 5, 2008  by Manure Manager

Backhus offers a full range of solutions in four product lines

Backhus Bridge Turner – This is
the fully automated plant of the future. The centerpiece of this indoor
system contains of a fully automatic turning unit. Based on computers,
the flow of material as well as turning intervals are centrally
operated. According to demand, the hydraulic bridge sets the turning
unit with lowering drum in the right place.

Backhus Lane Turner – Built for the fully or semi-automated plant, this
forward thinking waste management is for enclosed applications and
indoor plants. The lane turner incorporates the proven plant technology
of Backhus and offers high efficiency and turning performance and
combines great economy, low maintenance and long life for composting,
bioremediation and MSW treatment between lane walls or in tunnels.

Backhus 11.30 – The mobile trapezoid turner, the Backhus 11.30 is based
on proven turning technology. This technology was developed in
cooperation with universities and industry experts. The Backhus 11.30
meets the highest demands for trapezoidal composting. This turner is a
true trendsetter and model of efficiency.


Backhus Windrow Turner – Dubbed the all-rounder, the windrow turner
provides solutions for both up start and established operations. It is
highly efficient turning in all materials, utilizes an innovative,
“one-hand” joystick and proven turning technology.


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