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American Biogas Council helps develop new RNG interconnection guide

September 23, 2019  by Manure Manager

The Northeast Gas Association (NGA) and Gas Technology Institute (GTI) released the Interconnect Guide for Renewable Natural Gas in New York State, which was sponsored by several natural gas utilities.

The American Biogas Council and its member experts provided industry insight and review for the report. The guidance document provides a framework and technical guidance for RNG injection and represents the culmination of a close collaboration between gas utilities and industry that has produced common core principles to maximizing the volume of RNG injected into the natural gas pipeline network.

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is biogas processed to be interchangeable with conventional (fossil) natural gas, but produced from renewable biogas. Biogas is a mixture of carbon dioxide and methane gas from the biological decomposition of organic materials like food scraps, manure and wastewater sludge. Producing biogas recycles organics material and nutrients while creating renewable energy and dramatically lowering greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

“We thank NGA, National Grid, GTI, and the gas utilities for working with the biogas industry to develop the first effective guidance document for utilities and project developers to inject renewable gas into the gas network,” said Patrick Serfass, executive director of the American Biogas Council. “This guide will establish common practices, which will lower project development costs and help the biogas industry supply RNG to heating customers in New York and across the country. The next step for utilities and the biogas industry will be to align the gas quality standards for renewable and conventional natural gas, leading to greater cost reductions.”


While developed for New York State, this report provides a guideline for RNG pipeline interconnections that will be applicable and of value throughout the North America.

The American Biogas Council encourages project developers, gas utilities and governments to utilize this guide to better understand the technical details of injecting RNG into the natural gas network and enable the development of new biogas projects, which will catalyze new local investment, create new jobs, and build valuable new recycling infrastructure that protects our air, soil and water.


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