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Alliance tires help drive manure-spreading world record

December 22, 2014  by Press release

December 22, 2014, Wakefield, MA — Alliance A-380 flotation tires were a crucial component on the equipment that set a recent world record for manure spreading last summer.

A dedicated team of Ukrainian dairy farmers worked around the clock to set the new record, spreading 4,217 metric tons of manure across 548 acres in 24 hours.

The record-setting haul was an epic test of cutting edge agricultural technology — including a high-capacity spreader, a durable tractor and high-speed tires. To achieve the record-setting feat, a 50-ton Brochard Constructeur spreader, pulled by a New Holland T9.615 tractor, was stacked with a wheel load of 65 tons. Brochard selected Alliance A-380 flotation tires — rated for speeds as high as 40 mph, fully loaded — to handle the heavy loads and high speeds required to set the record.

“Alliance A-380 and A-390 high-speed flotation tires are popular among North American manure equipment manufacturers because of their performance and dependability,” noted Bruce Besancon, vice president of sales and marketing for Alliance Tire Americas. “High load and speed ratings combine with outstanding stability to create a tire that performs flawlessly on the road and in the field.”


Angelo Noronha, chief of marketing and sales for Alliance Tire Group Europe, said the chance to participate in a world record was a great way to put high-performance tires to the ultimate test.

“We of the Alliance Tire Group enjoyed being part of the event,” Noronha said. “It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that great achievements and progress in farming procedures can only be realized with modern and high performance tire technology. We were able to show that our products can facilitate such great achievements, while at the same time ensuring maximum soil protection and driving comfort. We congratulate the team on their success.”

Representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records were met with cheers when they certified the achievement on a dairy farm near Chernigov, Ukraine in August.


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