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AGL accepted into Plug and Play accelerator

March 28, 2023  by Manure Manager

Atlanta-based animal AI and analytics company AGL Technology has been accepted into the seventh AgTech accelerator program by Silicon-Valley VC Plug and Play. AGL is one of 12 cohorts chosen to participate in the three-month program, whose founding partners include Farm Credit Services of America and OCP North America.

“The breadth of Plug and Play’s corporate partner and mentor network is impressive.” said Marcel Sarzen, president and CEO of AGL Technology in a statement. “We look forward to making full use of this opportunity as we roll out our Precision Farming Intelligence Platform starter program in the North American poultry market and pursue a capital raise.”

“After just the opening orientation meeting, we realized how impactful Plug and Play’s AgTech program will be for the development of AGL Technology.” said Dr. Jackson McReynolds, R&D and technical director, Arm & Hammer Animal and Food Production. “We can’t wait to collaborate with the other leading Agtech start-ups and get fully involved in all the corporate partnering and fundraising opportunities provided by the Plug and Play ecosystem.”

AGL’s Precision Farming Intelligence Platform service is geared toward po ultra production facilities, providing insights through camera, microphone and IoT sensors. Its insights cover animal health, welfare and other production metrics. It has a track record including proof of concept in commercial conditions for turkeys, breeders and layers.


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