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Canadian Biogas Association receives more than $100,000 in funding

March 10, 2021  by  Bree Rody

The Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) has been awarded funding of up to $116,800, courtesy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food. The funding is to accelerate sustainable agricultural development.

The announcement was accompanied by a visit between Min. Marie-Claude Bibeau and Woodstock-based dairy farmer Rob McKinlay, who recently installed a factory-built mini-digester.

The CBA recently launched its online resource to help farmers learn more about biogas. This was also supported by $28,800 in funding from the Agricultural Clean Technology Program. The CBA also received $88,000 under the Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program. This funding will help it identify clusters of agricultural resources across Canada to assess the potential for renewable natural gas development.

“With the tools offered by the Canadian Biogas Association, farmers will have access to relevant information to help them better understand the opportunities available to them,” said Bibeau in a statement.


Jennifer Green, executive director for the CBA, added that there are already 61 farms and agri-food businesses in the country currently capturing and converting biogas. “Studies show that there is an opportunity for much more,” she added, stating that the funding will help the CPA accelerate further uptake.


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